We believe in better

Every day, florists, floral designers, their customers, and many others are exposed to floral foam – a compound known to be toxic, carcinogenic, and non-biodegradable. Floragreen is a safer, healthier, and more sustainable soil-based solution with the same versatility – and none of the disadvantages.

  • All-natural & Non-toxic

    Made from simple and renewable organic materials, Floragreen avoids harmful chemicals and keeps flowers – and flower handlers – safe.
  • Biodegradable

    Floragreen breaks down in nature, staying out of landfills and oceans, and avoiding plastic waste and toxic leaching. It can also be composted safely.
  • Convenient & Reusable

    Floragreen blocks are easily cut and shaped as needed, with the added bonus of easy repurposing for multiple bouquets – without the hazards of toxic contamination.

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To create a healthier and more sustainable alternative to floral foam, while respecting the needs of both the floral industry and the environment.


To improve the floral industry with simple science and sustainable practices.

Better for florists, better for flowers

Floragreen was created to reduce the use of floral foam around North America, creating a more environmentally responsible industry standard. It uses a blend of natural, organic materials to offer the same stable properties – without the health risks.

The future of floral arrangements

Created for florists, floral designers, and others who are aware of the waste and risks created by the use of floral foam, Floragreen represents a step towards a fully sustainable future. Create guilt-free arrangements without worry, and deliver them to customers who can be proud to support the cause.